Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Majestic Peacock.

Today I'm celebrating the majestic peacock. A gorgeous bird with gorgeous colors! Who can resist green, blue and gold? Here are some of my favorites. You Etsyians are so creative and cool! I'm constantly amazed.

Enchanted Peacock Necklace
$37.50 by Soradesigns

White Peacock Limited Edition Fine Art Print
$24.00 by Susanna Shap/ModernHouseArt

Peacock Splendor Clutch
$75.00 by ClutchThat

New Tail Feather
$23.00 by BlackBirdTees

Peacock Charm Bracelet
$29.00 by Yomeow

Beadwoven Feather Necklace
$118.00 by Hayashibeads

Gypsy Princess Coffee Cup Cozie
$7.99 by FabEssentials

Perfect Green Plate
$170.00 by LimboFirenze

Peacock Pocket Mirror
$5.00 by Mary Kilvert

Peacock Dreams Necklace
$29.00 by MelissaJuneHandmade

Paper Peacock Plumage Band
$20.00 by LotusLulu

Decorative Peacocks Greeting Card
$4.00 by WithAnIndianTouch


  1. Great to see you finding such treasures on Etsy adn sharing them here! Thanks so much for including my headband =) I love the colours of the peacock and am amazed at the beauty of their feathers - truly a wonder of nature!

  2. I love peacocks! You have collected a beautiful assortment using them here. Thank you so much for including my Peacock Spendor Clutch among these wonderful things!

  3. I found one item, it's so beautiful done. It matches to your theme.

  4. that perfect green plate cost not $17 but $170 :(