Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting for that first sale

Have you ever done that? Waited, waited, hoped, waited. Well, it can be discouraging. People tell me to hang in there, it will happen. I believe it. Thank you Jane for telling me about Etsy pounce in your blog ( There's a lot of great talent in there! So, here it goes, ode to all of the other awesome Etsyians waiting for their first sale and some incredible things from your shops. May you have blessings to follow!

$12.00 by AnnasJoy

Neptune Pendant
$10.00 by Yomeow

Suns of the Elders
$65.00 by 3eyestudio

$50.00 by LittleBirdie1

Paper Journal
$10.00 by Unusualbirthdaycards

Atlantis Blues
$29.00 by Genschi

$19.95 by Almulcahy

Rorri Turtle Magnet
$8.00 by Heathenflames

$80.00 by maryruth456

Dragonfly Handbag
$22.50 by FlirtBags


  1. Thank you for posting one of my items on your blog! It's very much appreciated! Happy crafting!

    Anna Joy