Friday, May 29, 2009

Ever Do A Treasury?

5:25 p.m. .... sitting in front of my computer, 3 minutes to go until the treasury whittles down to 333 entries. I knew because I had counted to the exact Treasury, "Frankly My Dear." I had set my alarm. I was waiting. I was ignoring the screams and cries coming from the living room. I was shirking my dinner making responsibilities - I wasn't going to miss putting in a treasury again. I had a bunch of items I had "hearted" so that I could get in a treasury. And then, BAM! The list jumped up to 535 entries, with never so much as a second.... did I miss it? What happened? O.k. I was a little mad. I wrote Etsy, "What's up, Etsy? Is there an elite list of people who have preference?" Well, they informed me there were some technical issues going on... not so sure about that, but my day went on... quesadillas with pico de gallo, kiwi, and lemonade was made and devoured, the house is quiet and I decided to check my posts. Well, right when I needed it, I got a comment from Tommye with some encouraging words on my {{grin}} new blog and I decided to check her blog out (you can too, at and.... she does her own treasury on her blog! Of course, I don't quite have the readership she does, Yet, but it's a start, so I'm going to combine featuring my stuff with other Etsyians, and a story or two (which my husband has said will keep my blog from being so boring). Thank you Tommye for the great idea!


9 Pointed star/Mandala Pendant
$15.00 by ATinySeed

Meditating BUDDHA Pendant (Original Drawing)
$16.00 by Rasaom

The Colors of India
$99.99 by Mamta

Blue Ohm Card
$3.50 by EuroYankDevi

$31.00 by PoshMommaStore

The Path Unwinding
$82.00 by Jmliss

Imagine Peace
$30.00 by Sloopyjewels

Imagine Charm Bracelet
$29.00 by Yomeow


  1. You are a sweetheart, dear. Thanks so much for thinking about me in this great great treasury.

    Hey, about the etsy treasury bit, it happened to me as well. I share with you a few of my observations:
    As treasury is a ever changing thing, don't leave the first page when it's nearing the countdown. Just keep on checking the page 1 for the time of expiration for the 1st list.

    Copy the name of your Treasury and be ready to shoot. LOL

    When the countdown ENDS for the 333rd list, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Do a mental countdown. There will be a magic box in front of you. Don't wait for long. Paste the treasury name and click on "Create"

    It surely worked for me.

  2. About the readership concern, I have an idea about that as well.
    Go in your blogger account and search for blogs with similar content. Search for words like:crafts,etsy,the medium of crafting,etc and follow them. Many of them surely will follow you back.

    And the Grammy goes to this:

    I don't know whether you knew about it, but the Treasury clock really helps. I came to know this today itself from a forum post. Don't U think it's wonderful?Hey, and you can also check in whose treasury you are an alternate. I hope it help you and others who read this.

  3. Thanks for including my Namaste necklace! I also LOVE the Beatles Imagine necklace. Such a great idea!

    As for the treasury, I do my own on my blog as well, b/c I frankly quit having the patience for them after similar happenings.

    Thanks again! And wonderful blog! I'm following. ;-D

  4. Great tips Mamta. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Thank you Emmarie. I appreciate the kudos.

  6. thanks so much for featuring my pendant here on your blog with so many other loveliy things! i will enjoy checking in and reading your blog now that i know about it... and as for readership, i think there are only about 3 people that read mine, so i am of very little help!! i will let you know when i discover the secret!

  7. thank you for including my pendant too.