Monday, June 1, 2009

Isn't It Nice To Be Found?

I submitted my Emperor Pendant to Indie Finds a few days ago, and I just checked back today and it was found! I'm so excited. This pendant was created with paper clay and an old soap mold that I got from American Science & Surplus. If you're from the Chicago or Milwaukee area, you know how kitschy of a store it is. If not, they're on-line ( They are definitely worth a look. These molds have made shaped crayons that I gave away as gifts for the children of my dear high school friends, Becky and Jenny. And then, I pulled them out to make this pendant. I chose the penguin mold because I think penguins are neat (a little stinky, but neat). After seeing March of the Penguins, I have a new found respect for this interesting bird.

Here is the pendant:

Emperor Pendant
$14.00 by Yomeow

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Majestic Peacock.

Today I'm celebrating the majestic peacock. A gorgeous bird with gorgeous colors! Who can resist green, blue and gold? Here are some of my favorites. You Etsyians are so creative and cool! I'm constantly amazed.

Enchanted Peacock Necklace
$37.50 by Soradesigns

White Peacock Limited Edition Fine Art Print
$24.00 by Susanna Shap/ModernHouseArt

Peacock Splendor Clutch
$75.00 by ClutchThat

New Tail Feather
$23.00 by BlackBirdTees

Peacock Charm Bracelet
$29.00 by Yomeow

Beadwoven Feather Necklace
$118.00 by Hayashibeads

Gypsy Princess Coffee Cup Cozie
$7.99 by FabEssentials

Perfect Green Plate
$170.00 by LimboFirenze

Peacock Pocket Mirror
$5.00 by Mary Kilvert

Peacock Dreams Necklace
$29.00 by MelissaJuneHandmade

Paper Peacock Plumage Band
$20.00 by LotusLulu

Decorative Peacocks Greeting Card
$4.00 by WithAnIndianTouch

Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting for that first sale

Have you ever done that? Waited, waited, hoped, waited. Well, it can be discouraging. People tell me to hang in there, it will happen. I believe it. Thank you Jane for telling me about Etsy pounce in your blog ( There's a lot of great talent in there! So, here it goes, ode to all of the other awesome Etsyians waiting for their first sale and some incredible things from your shops. May you have blessings to follow!

$12.00 by AnnasJoy

Neptune Pendant
$10.00 by Yomeow

Suns of the Elders
$65.00 by 3eyestudio

$50.00 by LittleBirdie1

Paper Journal
$10.00 by Unusualbirthdaycards

Atlantis Blues
$29.00 by Genschi

$19.95 by Almulcahy

Rorri Turtle Magnet
$8.00 by Heathenflames

$80.00 by maryruth456

Dragonfly Handbag
$22.50 by FlirtBags

Ever Do A Treasury?

5:25 p.m. .... sitting in front of my computer, 3 minutes to go until the treasury whittles down to 333 entries. I knew because I had counted to the exact Treasury, "Frankly My Dear." I had set my alarm. I was waiting. I was ignoring the screams and cries coming from the living room. I was shirking my dinner making responsibilities - I wasn't going to miss putting in a treasury again. I had a bunch of items I had "hearted" so that I could get in a treasury. And then, BAM! The list jumped up to 535 entries, with never so much as a second.... did I miss it? What happened? O.k. I was a little mad. I wrote Etsy, "What's up, Etsy? Is there an elite list of people who have preference?" Well, they informed me there were some technical issues going on... not so sure about that, but my day went on... quesadillas with pico de gallo, kiwi, and lemonade was made and devoured, the house is quiet and I decided to check my posts. Well, right when I needed it, I got a comment from Tommye with some encouraging words on my {{grin}} new blog and I decided to check her blog out (you can too, at and.... she does her own treasury on her blog! Of course, I don't quite have the readership she does, Yet, but it's a start, so I'm going to combine featuring my stuff with other Etsyians, and a story or two (which my husband has said will keep my blog from being so boring). Thank you Tommye for the great idea!


9 Pointed star/Mandala Pendant
$15.00 by ATinySeed

Meditating BUDDHA Pendant (Original Drawing)
$16.00 by Rasaom

The Colors of India
$99.99 by Mamta

Blue Ohm Card
$3.50 by EuroYankDevi

$31.00 by PoshMommaStore

The Path Unwinding
$82.00 by Jmliss

Imagine Peace
$30.00 by Sloopyjewels

Imagine Charm Bracelet
$29.00 by Yomeow

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh yes, it's springtime!
This is a beaded charm bracelet that I also have on Etsy. I really like birds. Not sure why. Maybe it's because my nickname was "Mary Bird" when I was a child. But, I guess you could say that this bracelet is an ode to that. If you click on the image, it will bring you to my photobucket account where you can see more images. The bracelet is a charm bracelet that's made with a combination of new and upcycled beads. It features vintage nature pictures of birds in three small frames. This is by far a favorite of mine.


As long as I'm posting right now... not sure when I'll get another minute, I thought that I'd go ahead and add more info. on another piece. I'm not really sure what kind of flower this is, but for some reason it reminds me of a thistle. A few years back I picked up a crazy piece of jewelry from a rummage sale. The sale was from a very old woman, named V., who no longer lived in her home. It seems that V. had a reputation of a bit of a shopaholic and her house was filled with stuff! Her rummage sales were awesome. I picked up a piece there that became the inspiration for this piece. It was made of chains links that were wrapped in contact paper. Thistle is made of hand-made chain links (no I didn't use paper clips - each one was bent by hand) and is wrapped in acid free paper. I then decoupaged the paper and mounted the pendant on a free-formed piece made from Fimo Clay. The links and the pendant are varnished so they are waterproof.

Tea Time

Here's the story on this piece that I just published on Etsy today. I have a wonderful friend, R., who I enjoy visiting with. Summer days bring the times of sitting on her porch, sipping chai, and ignoring our kids. Tea time is that special time that we can just sit and relax (and get up every 5 minutes for someone who has to go to the bathroom, or for a drink, or for a snack.... you get the picture). I made this piece thinking of her and the summer chais that we share.

This piece is made of paper clay which I've been having a lot of fun working with. It's super light when it dries, which makes it great for jewelry. It has durability and after I varnish it, it's waterproof.