Monday, June 1, 2009

Isn't It Nice To Be Found?

I submitted my Emperor Pendant to Indie Finds a few days ago, and I just checked back today and it was found! I'm so excited. This pendant was created with paper clay and an old soap mold that I got from American Science & Surplus. If you're from the Chicago or Milwaukee area, you know how kitschy of a store it is. If not, they're on-line ( They are definitely worth a look. These molds have made shaped crayons that I gave away as gifts for the children of my dear high school friends, Becky and Jenny. And then, I pulled them out to make this pendant. I chose the penguin mold because I think penguins are neat (a little stinky, but neat). After seeing March of the Penguins, I have a new found respect for this interesting bird.

Here is the pendant:

Emperor Pendant
$14.00 by Yomeow